The Digital Portfolio of Bluewave Design

Joep Swagemakers
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Primairy Circles

September 25, 2011+br1125+br562+br1

Dark Corridor

November 28, 2011+br1125+br703+br2

Dark Corridor

August 26, 2011+br1125+br703+br3

Star Twist

May 3, 2011+br1125+br773+br4

White Branches

August 7, 2010+br900+br750+br5

Not the same

August 5, 2010+br1125+br599+br6

Bluewave Design wall

May 11, 2010+br1125+br639+br7

Orange Twist

May 11, 2010+br1125+br768+br8

Down to earth

April 28, 2010+br649+br900+br9

Flint Lion

April 28, 2010+br1125+br843+br10


April 28, 2010+br1125+br656+br11

Colorfull Sea

April 28, 2010+br1125+br549+br12

Room 67

April 28, 2010+br1125+br562+br13

Ball Art

April 27, 2010+br680+br680+br14


April 27, 2010+br850+br637+br15

Speaker Design

June 20, 2012+br1125+br646+br16

Speaker Design II

June 20, 2012+br1125+br562+br17

Square Dream (Dark)

July 22, 2011+br1125+br768+br18

Square Dream

July 22, 2011+br1125+br768+br19

Designer Glass Competition 2009

June 3, 2010+br1125+br786+br20

Designer Glass Competition 2007

June 3, 2010+br1125+br786+br21

S-Style Multifunctional

April 27, 2010+br1125+br618+br22

Keep Walking

April 28, 2010+br636+br900+br23

Chefs Knife

April 28, 2010+br637+br900+br24

Floor Lamp (Front)

April 28, 2010+br750+br900+br25

Floor Lamp (Top)

April 27, 2010+br750+br900+br26

Showreel Q3 2009

April 27, 2010+br1050+br660+br27

Lenco K-105

June 3, 2012+br1125+br718+br28

Boats in Industry

June 22, 2011+br1125+br632+br29

Sundown in Doel

June 22, 2011+br1125+br843+br30

Little helpers

April 28, 2010+br1125+br703+br31

Without arms & legs Back

July 9, 2011+br752+br1000+br32

Without arms & legs Back

July 9, 2011+br752+br1000+br33

Without arms & legs

July 9, 2011+br752+br1000+br34

Without arms & legs

July 9, 2011+br752+br1000+br35

Looking up

May 3, 2011+br1125+br741+br36

Moving Away

May 3, 2011+br720+br900+br37

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